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The $100 PC, too bad you still can’t afford it

If you have been following the tech news. Steve Ballmer of Microsoft issued
a challenge to the computer industry that the world NEEDS a
$100 PC
to help cut down on piracy in emerging countries. While there’s plenty
of opinions on this. My one word stance on the matter is skeptical.

A company has stepped up and offered a $100 PC as well. You can find that
announcement here. My
first thought was, “Hey great, I’d like to buy a few for a small business
and test drive them!” However, as I read the news announcements I was
utterly disheartened to read this:

The minimum order quantity for the SolarLite is 100,000 units

Wonderful. Once again the computer industry manages to cater a solution
to huge organizations. While I can understand the economics behind
why the minimum order must be kept so high, it feels frustrating
to watch all these technology highlights without the ability to participate
in any of them. In fact MUCH of the ballyhoo in the technology industry
reminds me of this. You get to oh and awe over things but when it comes
time to actually being part of the ballgame you need to be in the major
leagues or you’re just spectator. Sort of takes the Personal out of
PC doesn’t it?

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