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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Microsoft to fight 419 Scammers?

Nigeria enlists Microsoft to fight spam scammers Andy McCue, ZDNet News 2005-10-14 Microsoft is planning to work with the Nigerian government to help track down and prosecute criminals involved in e-mail scams and other Internet-based fraud originating from the African country. The 419 problem is very difficult to frame now that it has expanded from […]

Wholesale criminal charges?

UPDATE: “Sony BMG Music Entertainment offering $7.50 and a free album download” not $7 as I had reported below. How does Sony get away with infecting millions and receiving only a $7 fine? Anyone (and by that I mean people not corporate entities) else would receive jail time for attacking 15 million PCs. “I have […]

Cyberlaw: Transmitting Ideas

Technical means, such as filters, have been used to try to make the net safe for kids. How effective have they been? Let’s look at the history via a cyberlaw reading list. This is a list meant for those who are not law students. Readings: The Nuremburg Files website Sam Howe Verhovek, “Creators of Anti-Abortion […]

Latest on Internet Censorship (via google)

Report: China leads in Internet censorship TMCnet – May 4, 2006 (UPI Top Stories Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)China leads the list of nations that censor Internet communications and limit Web access, a Paris-based free … Chinese Premier Defends Country’s Internet Censorship All Headline News – Apr 28, 2006 Beijing, China (AHN) – Chinese Premier Wen […]

Zittrain, Brazil and other random musings “The GNOME Brazilian Hit Squad jumped on me for my comment of last night that Orkut doesn’t get used. I knew that Brazilians love Orkut, and Johan told me that there is a group in Orkut that has 1.1 million members. GNOME went through an Orkut phase, which lasted… what, about two weeks? So […]

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MPAA caught abetting criminal activity?

In what is obviously being denied up and down by MPAA spokesmen, a suit filed in CA alleges that the industry group paid $15,000 for a hacker to dig up information about TorrentSpy. This included email correspondence and financial information. The offical court document (PDF) alleges an illegal wiretap, appropriation of trade secrets, and aiding […]

Google Sued, Settles

My email inbox just informed me that I can be part of a class action lawsuit against what seems to be a slowly evil-ified Google. Let’s see what happend. WHAT IS THIS CASE ABOUT? Plaintiffs Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles and Max Caulfield d/b/a Caulfield Investigations allege that Google breached its contracts with class members, unjustly […]

Towards a unified music format

Ironically we have had one for years now called MP3… After a small fit of google-stalking myself for fun I found a post from a cyberlaw class I took last year Internet & Society ’05: Harvard Extension School The first sales doctrine is essential if we are to keep a fair balance between artists and […]

Badware- Jessica Simpson Screensaver

The good folks at have released some interesting new reports about the current crop of spyware. Team Taylor Made’s Jessica Simpson Screensaver does a little more then entertain you while your computer is idle. It disables your AV, redirects your URLs, and even has a stealth dialer to rack up charges to your phone […]