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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Cyber Security in a New Digital Age

This is the keynote by Dan Geer at the SourceBoston 2008 Security Conference. disclosure: I am on the board of advisors for this conference. Streaming Flash Video MP4 File Files hosted courtesy of

Basic Ubuntu Server Hardening

This is a basic level of hardening for Ubuntu servers and should be considered a baseline. This tutorial will cover two topics: SSH and Firewall. This tutorial was prepared using Ubuntu Server 8.04 beta. SSH edit the ssh daemon configuration file to move the ssh port away from 22. Most worms or bots are programmed […]

mouseHole: A ruby web proxy

I have been thinking about writing a web proxy for a while. There are several projects that all involve web proxy technology. So tonight while searching for a simple one I found exactly what I’m looking for. mouseHole. There are a lot of dependencies so be sure to run the following script. echo “installing ruby […]