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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Super Seed!

The super-seed feature in S-5.5 and on is a new seeding algorithm designed to help a torrent initiator with limited bandwidth “pump up” a large torrent, reducing the amount of data it needs to upload in order to spawn new seeds in the torrent. When a seeding client enters “super-seed mode”, it will not act […]

Expectations of Privacy, Shame is in Vouge Again

On 4-20-2006 University officials closed Farrand Field from 12 Noon until 5 PM. The field was closed off with barricades, yellow jacketed “event staff” personnel and police officers. Approximately 40 signs were posted on all sides of the field advising that the field was closed and that video and photographic survellience was going to be […]

Legal WTF?

(A) to transport, transfer, or otherwise dispose of, to another, for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain, as consideration for anything of value; or (B) to make, import, export, or obtain control of, or possess, with intent to so transport, transfer, or otherwise dispose of; and (B) the term “financial gain” includes the […]

Noisechain ensures “no single person is provably responsible of hosting/distributing a given file.”

This is a really interesting technology that makes it difficult (if not impossible) to determine who is hosting a particular file. After reading the latest changes to the DMCA we may really need something like this. I’ll blog more about those changes next. An anonymous person will use Noisechain, to break the ‘FILE’ into 5 […]

Further erosion of vulnerability disclosure

[b]”>%alert(‘XSS’) [b]”>%alert(‘XSS’) [b] hurm… [i] bah its just xss [b] should be “> [b] yes but it is before login [b] and isnt this a security minded service? it’s embarassing if nothing else. [i] are these internal? or external? also very funny ! [j] external [o] tms is deepsight/threat management system i believe […]

Fun Moments in History: Symantec Acquires @stake

[oday@zero oday]$ ssh localhost oday@localhost’s password: Last login: Fri Oct 15 12:44:48 2004 from ———————- Welcome to the Wayback (bring your own A/C) ———————- 5 May 04: Sorry the SSH daemon has been flaky today. I upgraded it to OpenSSH 3.8p1 last night, but apparently some interoperability problem with PAM/LDAP authentication caused many people […]

Usenet Server Hacked

In a dark corner of the Internet the newzbin servers were compromiz^Hsed. s/the/teh/gi; Interestingly, half of the mailboxes there are nothing to do with Newzbin and are innocent third party users on the personal machine that was compromised two years ago. Strange how they’ve posted those too. What exactly are they trying to achieve here? […]

Storage Service Providers Live Again

In early 2000 I conceived of a company called “Digital Knox” which would provide secure encrypted storage. It fell into the SSP market (storage service providers). It was late in the Internet boom so raising VC funding was difficult. We (the DK team) watched as other SSP players like “Network Storage” (the only company to […]

Brazillian Hacker Scene

————————————————– HACKING IN BRAZIL ================= Before talking about hacking here, it’s good to describe the conditions of living. Right now, the country is a mix of Belgium and India. It’s possible to find both standards of living without travelling long distances. The Southern part of the country concentrate most of the industry, while in the […]

state of digital music

Music was such a simple concept before digital came along. A person bought a professional copy of the songs pressed onto an album. No one really thought about distribution and copy “rights”. Now it seems that everything everyone does is illegal. In other parts of the world consumers are just now getting the right to […]