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Monthly Archives: February 2014

“The FBI Reports A Break In Every 15 Seconds” Scam

“The FBI reports a break-in every 15 seconds” is how each call begins. The recorded message goes on to say “Let us place a small sign in your yard and we will install a new security system for free.” There has been a little coverage on this scam from smaller local news outlets. [1] The […]

Pulling My Digital Pants Back Up

A recent Ars Technica article on ASUSGATE pointed to this blog and named me as a blogger who was caught with his digital pants down. I wanted to capture some of my incident response procedures now that some time has passed and my stress levels are back to normal. As noted in the article the […]

So This Is What Getting Pwned Is Like

EDIT: NullFluid points out that they aren’t the group that performed the intrusive scan but are only hosting the text file. [0] There was a definite sense of dread when I started reading the txt file [1] disclosing a massive flaw in Asus routers. I’ve had an RT model ASUS for nearly two years now […]