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Friendless at Facebook

I finally met someone whose privacy settings were as high as mine. If Facebook has a privacy setting I have it pushed to the highest possible value. The end result is that I’m practically a ghost on the popular social media website. You won’t find me using search functionality and I have absolutely no public footprint. Last night I decided to friend some of the researchers working with myself and Prof Bambauer on an academic paper about shielding security researchers due out this fall.
The two of us appeared to be unable to “friend” each other because of our high privacy settings. I wasn’t really sure how to proceed. We tried messaging each other a few more times in an effort to prove to Facebook our intentions but to no avail. One of us would have to sacrifice a bit of our privacy in order to allow for this seemingly obvious functionality.

Since I initiated I went ahead and dropped my guard a bit and allowed anyone from the Harvard network to see me (thankfully she is an alum!) Of course now that we are friends the curtains have been drawn again around my profile but this is definitely one of the more interesting experiences I’ve had with Facebook.

While I’m glad they offer me so many privacy settings they really need to think about this particular edge case where two privacy loving individuals happen to want to friend each other.