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Monthly Archives: August 2006

System and method providing custom attack simulation language for testing networks

Inventors: Ptacek; Thomas Henry (Santa Clara, CA); Newsham; Timothy Nakula (Kaneohe, HI); Friedrichs; Oliver (San Jose, CA) Assignee: Networks Associates, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) Appl. No.: 235149 Filed: January 21, 1999 link to USPTO “Although the foregoing is easy to describe in English, the programming task of actually sending two IP fragments that overlap each […]

Beansec 2

Coming soon to an Enormous Room near you.

Now That’s Security!

Bank of America has made their web services so secure that even I can not login. And I am the account holder! The failure for my login ability stems from the myriad secondary questions that are all very personal in nature. These “passwords” would read like a diary of your life from place of marriage, […]

Beansec Comments

I have been quoted by Matasano’s blog: I kicked off the discussion with my opinions of Simson Garfinkles ‘skepticism’ towards security research. Most of this stems from the comments made during Derek Bambauer’s last Berkman fellows talk. Garfinkle’s labeling of security researchers as “extortionists” amused the group and his claim that the speakers at Blackhat […]

BeanSec1 This Monday

As reported at Matasano the first ever BeanSec will take place this Monday (how is that for short notice) in Central Square. What An informal meetup of information security professionals and academics in Cambridge/Boston. Unlike other meetups, you will not be expected to pay dues, “join up”, present a zero-day exploit, or defend your dissertation […]

Got UI?

If you know how to create a great UI and you understand usability please consider helping the Tor project! “The Tor project, affiliated with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is running a GUI competition to develop a vision of how Tor can work in a user’s everyday anonymous browsing experience. Some of the challenges include how […]

Current MPAA Tools

These are the following tools that are used today for DVD ‘protection’. I will follow up with more on each of these in the near future. The most current scheme is to add blank or non referenced cells which is supposed to cause older DVD ripping programs to crash. Of course new tools have been […]