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BeanSec1 This Monday

As reported at Matasano the first ever BeanSec will take place this Monday
(how is that for short notice) in Central Square.


An informal meetup of information security professionals and academics
in Cambridge/Boston. Unlike other meetups, you will not be expected to
pay dues, “join up”, present a zero-day exploit, or defend your
dissertation to attend.


Enormous Room
That’s in Central Square, Cambridge. You can take the red line on the T
to the Central Square stop and walk two blocks or park at any of the
nearby parking garages on Green Street. Look for the Central Kitchen
and enter the door with the elephant on it.


Beansec 1 is Monday, August 14, 2006 @ 6:00 pm. We will aim for the
middle of every other month to host this event. We will stay till ER
gets too packed or they kick us out. Plan for roughly three hours.


Boston has enough formal events like ISSA and elite events like 2621.
This is just a way for locals in the field to get to know each other.

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