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Monthly Archives: September 2008

EA could help end DRM

The backlash over DRM has finally started to gather serious momentum. Everyday consumers started a campaign to give the highly anticipated game Spore one-star ratings on Amazon. Thousands of Amazon users labeled Spore a poor choice because of the SecuROM DRM system that is forced onto PC users machines that purchase the game. EA has […]

hi, botnet Jack here

I received what was obviously spam this morning with the subject “ The Best!” Because I work on the Youtomb project this sort of caught my attention. The message simply read “eX-eX-eX girlfriend!” and there was a zipped attachment. I detached the file and moved it to one of my test boxes. Once there I […]

Beansec tomorrow @ Middlesex Lounge

Tomorrow is Beansec! For those of you who haven’t heard Zach Lanier has joined us as a full time host of the event. I am semi-retiring for this semester due to classroom obligations but will try to show up for the first half hour or so. I’ll definitely be back in the spring semester! If […]