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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Dec 2007 Top 10 Infected Autonomous System Blocks

DRM that could get you pwned

Unlike the recent Sony Rootkit fiasco the latest flaw in Macrovision’s SafeDisc technology was not an intentional backdoor. Despite this the fact remains that the latest Microsoft Security update includes a patch which, if not applied, could allow an attacker to leverage Macrovision DRM to exploit your system. The driver at issue here “validates the […]

Join the FSF

The FSF is conducting a end of year campaign to increase membership. If you read this blog you are likely a person who appreciates the work that FSF does. Show some support and donate ($120 annual) and become a member. You get some rad gear + stickers. check out the video Donate now or Become […]

Beansec! December 2007 (location change!)

BeanSec! is an informal meetup of information security professionals, researchers and academics in the Greater Boston area that meets the third Wednesday of each month. For December’s Beansec we are going to change up the venue. While we love the ER someone has booked a private party on this month’s third Wednesday so we will […]

“Taser Death” blog posts drawing legal fire

TASER International, Inc. (Nasdaq:TASR) has sent a take down notice to Daily Kos for a blog post about the Vancouver killing of an immigrant man using a Taser. Clearly TASER International is upset that people are linking their offerings to deaths however the facts are hard to ignore. Many of the apologists seem to take […]