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Category Archives: Rights Online

or lack there of.

Is Korean Law Driving Policy at Blizzard?

US customers of game maker Blizzard are up in arms tonight as news of a new policy is set to require all posts on the Blizzard forum to use their Real ID system. That means that every post is accompanied by the real first and last name of the user. People are unsure what to […]

My speech at the Works in Progress of Intellectual Property Conference

My notes for the talk I gave to a group of distinguished law professors at the Seventh Annual Works in Progress Intellectual Property (WIPIP) I am not a law professor i am and am not a hacker. the term hacker has undergone significant change in the last two decades so the meaning is ambiguous these […]

South Koreans not allowed to upload to Youtube

While digging through youtube html for another project I came upon this interesting error message. msg[“koreaFail”] = “본인확인제로 인해 한국 국가 설정시 동영상/댓글 업로드 기능을자발적으로 비활성화합니다. We have voluntarily disabled this functionality on because of the Korean real-name verification law.”; I looked into this a bit more and South Korea seems to have rallied […]

Judge vacates RIAA win in Thomas case, calls damages awarded oppressive

U.S. District Judge Michael Davis of Duluth, Minnesota has declared a mistrial in the only win in RIAA’s long legal fight against consumers. He also commented on the laws behind the copyright infringement claims of RIAA stating that they were “unprecedented and oppressive” for non commercial p2p users and intended only for operations which sought […]

US District Judge Declares “Downloads != Lost Sale”

From Ars Technica: Jones wrote in his opinion that equating each download with a lost sale is a faulty assumption. “Those who download movies and music for free would not necessarily purchase those movies and music at the full purchase price,” Jones wrote. “[A]lthough it is true that someone who copies a digital version of […]

Soulja Boy gets called out

Fellow Free Culturist Kevin Driscoll calls out Soulja Boy in this Youtube recording after he received a takedown notice for a video entitled “Crank dat ROFLCon” (I think this is another copy). The irony here is that Kevin is also a grad student at MIT studying hip hop and music video. The video in question […]

Boston Judge finds RIAA denies defendants meaningful access to our courts

In a 1963 Supreme Court decision Justice Hugo Black opined that every defendant in a criminal case must have access to a lawyer. The right to a fair trial in an adversarial system such as US law depended on both sides having competent representation. Today a story broke about the recent RIAA cases here in […]

MIT students sued By MBTA over research

Three students have been sued by MBTA over research that was to be presented at Defcon this weekend. The complaint by the MBTA lists over (7) counts for damages including “affect[ing] a computer system used by the government entity for national security purposes”. What is unclear is whether or not the researchers provided or attempted […]


Use of application “Scrabulous” has been restricted We’re sorry, but this application is not available to you. Please visit the Application Directory to find other applications.

Open Access: coming soon

Peter Suber has written a great post that should be read by anyone interested in education, open source, or what is known as Open Access. In my younger days I listened to the mantra of hacker lore, “Information wants to be free” and so the ideals of Open Access are quite appealing. This mantra seems […]