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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Outsourcing censorship

I have been tracking Nigeria for the past few months to see if China has been outsourcing their technical know how of censorship techniques. There was an interesting Businessweek article which disclosed that China is in fact selling radio jamming technologies to Zimbabwe to supress dissidents. Derek Bambauer asks some difficult questions in a Legal […]

Incentive to do your job

eEye and Determina have both put out third party fixes for the latest Microsoft IE patch. The relative public utility of this altruistic move is difficult to determine. On the one hand we have two companies who have stepped up and severed the obvious lead time worm writers and other malicious web site operators intent […]

Symantec Releases Vulnerability Advisories

This was a very intensely discussed topic when I worked at Symantec. The company I worked for originally (@stake) was known for releasing security advisories. It was a large part of the PR machine and a staple for most network security firms. Symantec wasn’t sure how to deal with this and through the very diligent […]

MP3 Fingerprint?

I found this string in my MP3 comments that looked like it was in hex. 00001592 00000000 00013426 00000000 00045492 00000000 00007dfe 00007dfe 0003db0a 0003db0a It is in hex but the results are in the higher ascii range. it wouldn’t be readable. It is interesting that someone could feasibly search for this GUID and send […]