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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Hacking clearly not what it used to be

A student from UCSB is charged with 4 felony counts in a “Ferris Buller’s Day Off” enactment.  Ramirez used some crude tactics to change the password of some professors and then change her grades and the grades of several others. A few things here that bother me about using the word hacking.  She didn’t use […]

Trusting computers

Computers have supplanted all other forms of media to safe guard our information.  Computers store everything from banking histories to recipes.  Combined with the connectedness of the Internet all of this information is leveraged to guide our decisions and purchase our needs and wants.  This is just the surface of how deep computing affects our […]

Rejected Harvard applicants say school’s reaction to Web page “hack” excessive

What happened here is something referred to in my industry as script kiddies.  One “hacker” finds a loop hole and creates instructions or a program which can replicate this vulnerability.  He feeds it to othersthat are not as skilled and they can “hack” in at the push of a button.  119 script kiddies attacked the […]

FBI Spam contains trojan and the future of spam detection

I had actually seen this email a few times in some of my spam catches.  The “come on” is that the FBI has been monitoring the sites you visit and here is a list of the naughty ones.  It had never occured to me that the FBI would have a statement regarding this.  As it […]

Hey look it’s Vin Diesel’s phone number

The first reporter on “the scene” was Kevin Poulsen and ex hacker turned journalist.  I had read about the case earlier when the story broke that Operation Firewall was turning up the heat.  Operation Firewall was a seperate operation by the Secret Service to capture identity theft rings.  As they were monitoring certain IRC channels […]