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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Poor Mans Multithreading

for i in `ls urls_*`; do ruby dns.rb $i & done #main section from dns.rb ip_addresses.each {|id,url| begin host = parse_host(url) ip = get_ip(host) if not ip.nil? addresses = addresses.address = ip addresses.review_id = id end rescue Exception=> e results.write(“#{e},#{id},#{host}\r\n”) end }

Flickr takes photos hostage

“Just pay us the money and you get your photos back unharmed. No one wants to see any pixels get hurt here, just pay up” actual text from my account You’ve run into one of the limits of a free account. Your free account will only display the most recent 200 photos you’ve uploaded. All […]

Reading about the Superbowl Hack

I’m drafting some narrative about the last year of badware and one of the incidents that stand out to me is the Superbowl hack. Below are some relevant links: Websense advisory announcing the hack * Related Microsoft vulnerabilities exploited by the attack * *

Fake Torrents List 5/2007

For realtime updates check Fenopy Fake Finder: These torrents and trackers are reported as fake and setup by the MPAA and RIAA or their affiliates. Any network data recorded by them bearing your IP address could lead to legal action. It may be advisable to block all traffic with fake trackers at your network borders. […]

Anti FUD

I was amusing myself with the Microsoft “Get the Facts on Windows” site and the case studies they publish are fairly unbelievable. The Wipro report in particular rings hollow and reeks of numbers manipulation. It essentially offers the following Windows costs less to patch Windows has greater uptime I am in the middle of finals […]

Finding Patterns in Time Series

This is a topic I’d like to research a little more and apply towards my research at Stopbadware. Meta Topics Dynamic Time Warping: aligning time series and a specific word template so that some distance measure is minimized n-by-m plane or grid Monotonicity Continuity Warping Window Slope Constraint Boundary Conditions Once we can detect patterns […]

Attempted Copyright Infringement

I’m not sure what this new proposal [pdf] is attempting to allow but here is a thought. The CNET Article quotes the DOJ as saying, “It is a general tenet of the criminal law that those who attempt to commit a crime but do not complete it are as morally culpable as those who succeed […]

Stanford Now Charging Students for Becoming Target of DMCA Investigation

verbatim copy of letter from Stanford: Illegal use of file-sharing technology continues to be a critical problem at Stanford. In spite of our efforts to advise students about the serious consequences that can result from illegal distribution of copyrighted materials there is clear evidence that this is a growing phenomenon that is not going away. […]


I was scooped by Matasano AGAIN on the all new CitySec site which actually refers back to last months announcement. The next Beansec! is imminent and one of the tripartite forces of the Beansec! has provided a Google calendar to help keep track. If you are afraid of Google owning your calendaring information then scribble […]

Confusing RIAA Pre Litigation Contract

The letter begins by stating, “You further acknowledge that such conduct by you is illegal and wrongful.” Yet in the recitals it specifically says that you don’t admit wrong doing. EDIT 5/13: It was pointed out that the letter specifically states that nothing in this agreement denies wrongdoing. I had misinterpreted that as a denial […]