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Monthly Archives: July 2006

RIAA Drops Suits Because of WiFi

Reports have come in that two law suits involving the RIAA have been dropped recently with one defendent receiving payment for legal fees! This involved two brave persons actually committing to the law suit instead of settling but this news may convince others that it is worth it to fight for your rights in court. […]

The creepy fine print

taken from Yahoo! Mail. Emphasis mine: * Yahoo! collects personal information when you register with Yahoo!, when you use Yahoo! products or services, when you visit Yahoo! pages or the pages of certain Yahoo! partners, and when you enter promotions or sweepstakes. Yahoo! may combine information about you that we have with information we obtain […]

Must See TV

Kalt (Sonia Hamza) isn’t your average Tunisian woman. After all, as the leader of a small ring of high-tech thieves, she spends most of her time hijacking the frequencies of foreign television channels so that an animated camel named Bedwin Hacker can say his piece in Arabic. Nadia El Fani directs this fresh and critically […]

RIAA aids terrorism?

In the July 23rd USA Today article on “California cigarette tax could skyrocket” a report from the General Accounting Office is quoted which states “the incentives for criminal organizations, including terrorist organizations, to smuggle cigarettes into and throughout the United States” increase as cigarette taxes increase. The idea being that market will always get products […]

What is the Patriot Act Database?

A web service that is advertising through Google offers the ability to search for people through the “Patriot Act database”. I’ve never heard of this and neither has google . From the website: Also includes: age, possible current address, up to 20 year address history, phone numbers, bankruptcies, tax liens & judgments, property ownership, possible […]

Global Voices

Licensing Guilt

I bought a digital SLR the other day and after taking some 300 test shots I wanted to upload a few of them to my Flickr account. It’s been months since I’ve actually logged into my account and so when I did I was greeted by a random message from another Flickr user. She apparently […]

music recognition technology

Another round of legal battles emerges in the world of YouTube. A blog [->] reports that the RIAA is basing lawsuits on a music recognition technology. I imagine this would be fairly easy to do using “psycho acoustic” vectors or something like that. First the law tells us we may not make duplicates of an […]