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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Catching up on XKCD

See you on 9/23

Digital Nit Picking

Over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of work with the Stop Badware group. The charter of the team is to provide a Net neighborhood watch program. It started out with shutting down adware and spyware providers but lately the cases are mostly victims of digital parasites. The problem has been framed […]

Metasploit 3.0 (now with more ruby)

The Metasploit Framework (“Metasploit”) is a development platform for creating security tools and exploits. Version 3.0 contains 177 exploits, 104 payloads, 17 encoders, and 3 nop modules. Additionally, 30 auxiliary modules are included that perform a wide range of tasks, including host discovery, protocol fuzzing, and denial of service testing.

The revolution will be posted

(22:38:46) zeroday: take notes. the revolution is coming. (it will be posted on youtube)(22:39:02) doubleR: no, it will be copied and posted on youtube(22:39:12) doubleR: then, it will be taken down by a viacom c&d

Beansec 七

谢谢 to everyone that made it out last night to Beansec. I have been so swamped with work and school that I didn’t have time to blog about it yet still 18-20 of you showed up! We are scheduled for the same time next month (3rd Wednesday). Great topics that were discussed Extending legal protections […]

Handbrake for Ubuntu

Original from (modified slightly to fix url issue and update to 0.71) sudo apt-get install nasm build-essential devscripts fakeroot mkdir ~/tmp cd tmp wget wget wget dpkg-source -x x264_0.0.20050906-1.dsc cd x264-0.0.20050906/ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot cd .. sudo dpkg -i *.deb sudo apt-get install debhelper libgtk2.0-dev jam nasm liba52-dev libavcodec-dev libdvdcss2-dev libdvdread3-dev libfaac-dev […]

Impressions from Beyond Broadcast

A sample evasion technique

The following code creates the file c:\donothing.txt according to the Sandbox Analyzer, while it creates the file c:\breakstuff.txt on a real computer running a real copy of Windows. unsigned char idt[6]; __asm { sidt idt } if ((0x00 == idt[0]) && (0x08 == idt[1])) { fp = fopen(“c:\\donothing.txt”, “w”); fclose(fp); } else { fp = […]

MS Vista, degenerative technology analysis (part 1)

One commenter on asked what the sense of my article is. Is it just that Microsoft Vista will introduce new levels of encryption to the playback of HD content? I wish it were as simple as that. And this goes way beyond the idea that consumers will have to pay for the extra components […]