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Category Archives: Non Sequiter


Evangelism and other Definitions

I’ve been looking for a new job recently and found a position with an organization that does amazing work. They advertised for a security evangelist so I looked into the position. I’ve heard of the term before and never developed an opinion of them one way or the other. Frankly I didn’t really know what […]


I started developing a random idea over the holidays but never finished it. I’m releasing its description here with the hope that someone will steal and then implement it :) a hybrid social media platform using rss feeds, twitter style messaging and public, private, and group key pair cryptography. it also solves the paradox of […]

Jamaica Bans Daggering

Text from the Broadcast Commission STATEMENT BY THE BROADCASTING COMMISSION ON ACTIONS AND RECENT DIRECTIVES RELATING TO BROADCAST MEDIA CONTENT The Commission assures the public that it continues to actively work with broadcast licensees, the Minister of Information, the Media Association of Jamaica, the Jamaica Association of Community Cable Operators, the Entertainment Fraternity and other […]

Could the media industries finally be moving in the right direction?

Youtube remixes now have links to amazon and itunes to purchase the songs. This is a great monetization strategy for youtube as well who has a snickering Hulu making money on the content which they, and only they, can negotiate (hulu is a joint project of Fox and NBC) hulu is smart in that they […]

2009 Resolutions (public copy)

more open source * pine for email * firefox for web * gimp for photo editing * audacity for audio editing * more ruby * more mysql more cloud apps * for media storage * less stagnet account on flickr * more rss feeds more mobile * Twitter on mobile only * IM on […]

Security or convenience: Apple chooses poorly

My powerbook is in the third year of its life and as such has begun falling apart on a regular basis. I’ve had the laptop in for repair at least five times this year alone. Every time I bring my laptop in Apple employees ask me the same question. “What is your administrator password?” The […]

Unrescuable ruby error

I’ve been working on some DNS resolution code for a while now. It is multithreaded using event machine. The resolution code is wrapped in a begin/rescue statement yet it still errors out occasionally with the following error that I have never been able to rescue. /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/dnsruby-1.1/lib/Dnsruby/select_thread.rb:147:in `select’: time interval must be positive (ArgumentError) from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/dnsruby-1.1/lib/Dnsruby/select_thread.rb:147:in […]

Domestic Terrorism Definition

I hope this purported FBI flyer is a fake. I hope that the FBI doesn’t actually define domestic terrorism as: groups or individuals operating entirely inside the US attempting to influence the US government or population to effect political or social change by engaging in criminal activity. My understanding of what made terrorists a special […]

The never ending robots.txt

While looking over logs for a server of mine I decided to write some code that would help me deter someone sniffing my server for weaknesses. The first thing I decided to write was a robots.txt file that had a few different qualities. 1) It would never end 2) It would not bog down the […]


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