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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Fake Bittorrent Trackers

In a predictable move the MPAA has started hosting fake trackers online through it’s various 3rd party shell corporations/online gangs like MediaEnforcers. Here is a sample of the latest trackers that are setup to collect IP addresses from anyone who downloads from them. http://Aerial-Tracker.MyLFTV.COM:6969/announce […]

First pseudo virus

program virus:= {1234567; subroutine infect-executable:= {loop:file = get-random-executable-file; if first-line-of-file = 1234567 then goto loop; prepend virus to file; } subroutine do-damage:= {whatever damage is to be done} subroutine trigger-pulled:= {return true if some condition holds} main-program:= {infect-executable; if trigger-pulled then do-damage; goto next;} next:} —

More interesting javascript exploit code


package org.owasp.webscarab; /** * Retrieves the license information for any OWASP source file. * It prints out the GNU Public License and provides a static * String that contains the GPL, version 2. * * @since beta 1 * @version beta 1CVS $Release$ $Author: rogan $ * @author GNU * @author */

Data Point on Vulnerability Research

From the Sun Java .gif parsing vulnerability — Disclosure Timeline: 2006.06.16 – Vulnerability reported to vendor 2006.12.18 – Digital Vaccine released to TippingPoint customers 2007.01.16 – Coordinated public release of advisory — Credit: This vulnerability was discovered by an anonymous researcher. This vulnerability existed on the internet for half a year before a patch was […]

Wikimedia wiki security analysis (session ID)

I realized a few days ago that I have not kept up on web pen testing techniques lately and have been falling behind. I picked up a copy of “The Art of Software Security Testing” and started reading through the chapters. The XSS and SQL injection examples were interesting although a little too basic for […]

Update on the Mixtape Mafia

I contacted the Fulton Sheriffs department and was able to speak with a public affairs officer who sent me the following: Tyree Simmons, AKA DJ Drama, Age 28, Warrant #-256458MC Donald Cannon, Age 27, Warrant #-256456MC Fulton County Warrants for R.I.C.O. violations related to copyright infringement (OCGA 16-14-4-RICO). TITLE 16. CRIMES AND OFFENSES CHAPTER 14. […]

Mixtape DJs arrested

I suppose this type of thing is bound to happen. RIAA persuaded Fulton County officials into charging a pair of mixtape DJs with charges of racketeering. I don’t have the actual indictment in my hands yet (I have to write a request first) but managed to find out some details by searching for racketeering laws […]

HD torrents hit public trackers

This fairly well known tracker is now carrying HD movie torrents. These movies weigh in at over 20GB each. While studios that are supporting HD may start freaking out over the distribution online I will wager that the fact HD can be backed up will actually lead to the success of the format over rival […]

Beansec 5 is tomorrow

See you there. Enormous Room: 567 Mass Ave, Cambridge 02139