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Category Archives: wayback

Bits of the past I’ve dredged up from my personal archive

A court ordered someone to switch to Windows to enable monitoring

A friend shared an interesting post with me from Ars Technica about a recent torrent website owner getting jailtime . One of the more interesting facts from the article was the disposition of a previous case in 2007 which somehow escaped my attention back then. Scott McCausland was forced to have his computer monitored as […]

A history of hackers from the underground

A really cool db has been leaked to the internet which contains releases to “the scene”. I did a quick search on the term “hackers” and got the following presented in chronological order. mysql> select section, rlsname, grp from predb where rlsname like ‘%Hackers%’ order by CTIME; +———+————————————————————————————————————————————-+—————+ | section | rlsname | grp | […]

Calculating an ASNs IP Space

I couldn’t think of a good easy way to save a bunch of telnet addresses so I’m just going to blog them. I’m using BGP tables to calculate the theoretical IP space a given ASN has. I parse the table and use the CIDR notation to calculate how big the space can be and then […]

First pseudo virus

program virus:= {1234567; subroutine infect-executable:= {loop:file = get-random-executable-file; if first-line-of-file = 1234567 then goto loop; prepend virus to file; } subroutine do-damage:= {whatever damage is to be done} subroutine trigger-pulled:= {return true if some condition holds} main-program:= {infect-executable; if trigger-pulled then do-damage; goto next;} next:} —

Towards a unified music format

Ironically we have had one for years now called MP3… After a small fit of google-stalking myself for fun I found a post from a cyberlaw class I took last year Internet & Society ’05: Harvard Extension School The first sales doctrine is essential if we are to keep a fair balance between artists and […]

The first defcons

The first defcons have recently come up for debate. The founder of nCircle thought he was the first winner of the CTF contest. “Moss recalls that another individual won the first two Capture the Flag contests. “It was this guy called A.J. Reznor, who won it in a pretty famous way,” Moss says. “This guy […]

Further erosion of vulnerability disclosure

[b]”>%alert(‘XSS’) [b]”>%alert(‘XSS’) [b] hurm… [i] bah its just xss [b] should be “> [b] yes but it is before login [b] and isnt this a security minded service? it’s embarassing if nothing else. [i] are these internal? or external? also very funny ! [j] external [o] tms is deepsight/threat management system i believe […]

Fun Moments in History: Symantec Acquires @stake

[oday@zero oday]$ ssh localhost oday@localhost’s password: Last login: Fri Oct 15 12:44:48 2004 from ———————- Welcome to the Wayback (bring your own A/C) ———————- 5 May 04: Sorry the SSH daemon has been flaky today. I upgraded it to OpenSSH 3.8p1 last night, but apparently some interoperability problem with PAM/LDAP authentication caused many people […]