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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Why RIAA tactics are unconstitutional

Charlie Nesson explains in this article just how far the RIAA has perverted the American legal system. It should be noted the $750 statutory minimum is just that. A minimum. It can go as high as $30,000 per infringement. The defendant in this trial has had to endure 7 years of legal troubles over allegedly […]

Hpricot Workaround for ASPX viewstate

I’ve switched over to Hpricot for HTML parsing in my various ruby projects. This was a long time coming and the performance is impressive. I happened to catch a page with ASPX viewstate on it and was faced with the following error: ran out of buffer space on element There are various pages out there […]

Federal Judge holds that people can not be identified by IP address

Judge Nancy Gertner held that a person can not be readily identified merely by an IP address with any “reasonable degree of technical certainty”. This is something that most of the technical community has claimed for years as the RIAA made countless fishing expeditions using universities as unwitting accomplices. It is refreshing to see a […]

Soulja Boy gets called out

Fellow Free Culturist Kevin Driscoll calls out Soulja Boy in this Youtube recording after he received a takedown notice for a video entitled “Crank dat ROFLCon” (I think this is another copy). The irony here is that Kevin is also a grad student at MIT studying hip hop and music video. The video in question […]