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Soulja Boy gets called out

Fellow Free Culturist Kevin Driscoll calls out Soulja Boy in this Youtube recording after he received a takedown notice for a video entitled “Crank dat ROFLCon” (I think this is another copy). The irony here is that Kevin is also a grad student at MIT studying hip hop and music video. The video in question literally shows part of his ROFLCon presentation where Kevin explains the phenomenon of Soulja Boy and his rise in popularity due to spreadable media. Has Soulja Boy truly forgotten his roots? Kevin makes the claim that Soulja Boy would never have risen to fame without the thousands of remixes created showing people dancing to “Crank dat” and posted virally all over the Internet. For evidence see [1,2,3,4,5] as a very short list of the thousands out there. Does Kevin have a point? I have to agree that the takedown of his particular video seems strange and could in fact be the result of his label taking actions on his behalf. If Soulja Boy reads this he should email Kevin and let him know that he doesn’t intend to be played by his label and will tell them to back down from aggressive takedowns.

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