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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Internet Mob Justice Tracks Down Cat Abuser

EDIT: If you are visiting this post from Encyclopedia Dramatica your PC may be infected by a drive by download. I captured this pic from a vmware image infected from that site Denizens of 4Chan’s /b/ spent the better part of yesterday coordinating a search for the identity of a teenager who was stupid enough […]

Jamaica Bans Daggering

Text from the Broadcast Commission STATEMENT BY THE BROADCASTING COMMISSION ON ACTIONS AND RECENT DIRECTIVES RELATING TO BROADCAST MEDIA CONTENT The Commission assures the public that it continues to actively work with broadcast licensees, the Minister of Information, the Media Association of Jamaica, the Jamaica Association of Community Cable Operators, the Entertainment Fraternity and other […]

Youtomb gets blogging

Youtomb has had a blog for quite some time but it was never linked to the front page for technical reasons. Well no more! Expect a lot more posts from the team now that we are linked to the front of our research project.