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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Nessus outlaws text editors

I’m working on creating a vulnerability scanning engine which will be offered free to non profits. I have the machine and the open source code is mostly there. I went to the scanning engines web site tonight to download a copy for the test machine. There was a special note for anyone who is a […]

Jurisdictional Issues of Internet Fraud

The Internet is a medium that seems to transcend jurisdiction. Whenever case law involves the Internet several pages can be found trying to explain the nature of this network. Simply put the Internet is a network comprised of many other networks. This meta network allows users from around the world to interact with each other. […]

What does phishing look like?

I’ve been working on a few different projects in what’s left of my spare time. One of them is battling 419 scammers. I’ll post about that some day soon. The other is phishing investigations. Most have no idea what this really looks like. In one of my catcher email accounts I received an email with […]

Microsoft UK Sponsers Short Film contest

It’s almost funny given Microsoft’s track record for similar computing “innovations”. The Thought Thief contest is looking for films under 45 seconds revolving around the idea of IP theft. I’d love to enter but it’s only for UK citizens. Even more ironic is that the rules of entry say that the copyright of the film […]

Microsoft Enters the Anti Virus market

It’s hard to know how to interpret this move. Clearly this is a sign that working at an Anti Virus firm is good right now. If Microsoft enters your market that means you are in the right place. But it also seems like a signal from Microsoft that says, “Our trusted computing promises are not […]

New article on vulnerability disclosure

I have been a big fan of Jennifer’s attitude toward vulnerability disclosure. This particular article discusses the subject of full disclosure for software security vulnerabilities. Is it wrong? Is it right? Opinions vary. Mine happens to conflict with my employers (I side with Granick on this topic) so I have written about this weeks after […]