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Microsoft Enters the Anti Virus market

It’s hard to know how to interpret this move. Clearly this is a sign that working at an Anti Virus firm is good right now. If Microsoft enters your market that means you are in the right place. But it also seems like a signal from Microsoft that says, “Our trusted computing promises are not going to materialize for a VERY long time”. Why would I think that? TC supposes that a combination of hardware and software can eliminate malicious code, e.g. virii. With this move Microsoft clearly knows that TC isn’t likely to solve the problem that is plauging them right now.
More virii have come out for Windows then any other platform to date. This is partly what scares me about this latest move from Microsoft. It could be a possible vector for them to defer any responsibilities in protecting the core operating system from infections. Instead of focusing efforts on reducing vectors of infection they can simply say “go buy the annual service for our anti virus”.
The less suspicious side of me notes that this could be a good thing for end users. If the OS has at least some baseline of security then everyone is a little bit safer. Although the service would have to be free to any OS user for the altruistic vision to really come alive. Perhaps if Google *really* wanted to shake up the world and take a jab at Microsoft they could offer an anti virus solution.

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