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Monthly Archives: August 2009


I started developing a random idea over the holidays but never finished it. I’m releasing its description here with the hope that someone will steal and then implement it :) a hybrid social media platform using rss feeds, twitter style messaging and public, private, and group key pair cryptography. it also solves the paradox of […]

Musings on Cara Duckworth’s Post

Some opinions about the Tenenbaum case, for those interested: OPINION: The RIAA stands for Recording Industry Association of America OPINION: The RIAA has filed many cases against file sharers as civil actions and not criminal OPINION: In the US, civil actions do not guarantee the defendant representation by an attorney OPINION: The RIAA has compared […]

Project EquillibRIAA

For the last few years I’ve talked quietly of a project to connect artists with the victims of lawsuits in the name of their bands. After the verdict handed down by the latest case of Sony vs. Tenenbaum I think it is time to put this plan to action. I’ve emailed Joel and received a […]