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Musings on Cara Duckworth’s Post

Some opinions about the Tenenbaum case, for those interested:

OPINION: The RIAA stands for Recording Industry Association of America

OPINION: The RIAA has filed many cases against file sharers as civil actions and not criminal

OPINION: In the US, civil actions do not guarantee the defendant representation by an attorney

OPINION: The RIAA has compared copyright infringement to stealing many times in the press

OPINION: Copyright infringement and shoplifting are two distinct and separate crimes

OPINION: 30 average songs could be contained in 2 CD’s

OPINION: The average cost of 2 CD’s in a store is < $100

OPINION: In Massachusetts the fine for shoplifting under $100 is a fine up to $250 the first time

OPINION: There is a huge discrepancy between the punishment for shoplifting and infringing an equal amount of music

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