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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Wishlist: Scapy traceroute object pickling

Some of the projects I am working on require that I gather data about particular addresses on the Internet. One method I’ve been experimenting with is scapy’s traceroute function which allows for neat graphing []. One can also combine two arbitrary traceroutes for graphing as simply as: traceroute1, unans = traceroute([]) traceroute2, unans = traceroute([]) […]

Yahoo DRM authorization servers going dark

Another casualty is being reported on the DRM front. Yahoo Music is shutting down it’s authentication servers which means those who purchased music will not be able to transfer the music to another computer. This will not affect all of Yahoo Music’s former customers initially but once they need to reinstall their OS or purchase […]

A court ordered someone to switch to Windows to enable monitoring

A friend shared an interesting post with me from Ars Technica about a recent torrent website owner getting jailtime . One of the more interesting facts from the article was the disposition of a previous case in 2007 which somehow escaped my attention back then. Scott McCausland was forced to have his computer monitored as […]

Beansec: Now at Middlesex Lounge

I really love the Enormous Room but recently they decided to cut off the food supply upstairs. This caused the Beansec team to ponder for a while and we have decided that we will now make Middlesex the new home of our humble little gathering. The food at Middlesex is good and the seating is […]