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Category Archives: DRM

Pax Musicana

Over the years friends have asked what I have against music services like iTunes. A week or two ago the term Pax Musicana crept into my subconscious and it captures the issue perfectly. My general disdain for digital services like iTunes, Amazon Kindle, and the like is that I am locked into a service and […]

EA could help end DRM

The backlash over DRM has finally started to gather serious momentum. Everyday consumers started a campaign to give the highly anticipated game Spore one-star ratings on Amazon. Thousands of Amazon users labeled Spore a poor choice because of the SecuROM DRM system that is forced onto PC users machines that purchase the game. EA has […]

Yahoo DRM authorization servers going dark

Another casualty is being reported on the DRM front. Yahoo Music is shutting down it’s authentication servers which means those who purchased music will not be able to transfer the music to another computer. This will not affect all of Yahoo Music’s former customers initially but once they need to reinstall their OS or purchase […]

DRM that could get you pwned

Unlike the recent Sony Rootkit fiasco the latest flaw in Macrovision’s SafeDisc technology was not an intentional backdoor. Despite this the fact remains that the latest Microsoft Security update includes a patch which, if not applied, could allow an attacker to leverage Macrovision DRM to exploit your system. The driver at issue here “validates the […]

User Generated Content

credit: Jason Arends

Aspects of the DMCA posting “The Key” violates

According to an article posted by EFF’s von Lohmann posting “The Key” will certainly violate aspects of the oft hated DMCA. A growing number of citizens in the US are starting to recognize just how badly the law conflicts with other guarantees of rights possessed by US citizens. No person shall … offer to the […]

AACS Takedown notice forces blogger to alter content

The take down notice from AACS has caused one blogger to alter the contents of his blog which is located at this url: The AACS has taken issue with the magic key which is a 16 digit hexadecimal code that can unlock HD DVD and allow for lawful backups or unlawful copying. Here is […]

AACS starts sending take down notices over Processing Key

According to Chilling Effects the take down notices have started flowing in the latest round of battle over the HD format. More information about AACS can be found on Ed Felten’s Blog series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Alex wrote on Thursday about the next step in the breakdown of AACS, […]

Sony DVD DRM breaks own DVD Player.

Sony has released another DRM scheme on at least two known DVDs which will cause certain DVD hardware players to crash. The irony is that one of the models is a recent Sony DVP-CX995V and no updated firmware is available as of yet. No word on whether the DRM from Sony will crash other brands […]