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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Real Internet Censorship: Burma

It is often times hard to take serious the small slights of willful and petty companies like Comcast when much larger issues are presenting themselves in other countries. The Open Net Initiative has just released a report on the total suspension of Internet and cellular services in the country of Burma. [pdf] The military junta […]

Bypass Comcast Bittorrent Throttling

Comcast has be shown by the AP and others to engage in willful blocking of Bittorrent seeding. It does not matter if the seed is completely legal or not. Comcast has decided that a unilateral blocking approach is what they want. Comcast will send RST (reset) packets in both directions if a new seed is […]

Beansec! November 21, 2007

The next Beansec! will be Nov 21st @ the Enormous Room in Central Square. BeanSec is a once a month security professional meet up in Cambridge, MA. You can subscribe to the event calendar here. Unlike other meetings, you will not be expected to pay dues, “join up”, present a zero-day exploit, or defend your […]

Abuse of copyright

I’m always amused at how certain attorneys will wave the sword of copyright on behalf of their client. In a post from CL&P Blog a story is unraveled where a scam busting site has set its sights on a company called Direct Buy, Inc. I haven’t looked into the case of Direct Buy nor plan […]

non-ASCII characters

I do a lot of web scraping. Sometimes I need to send the data to other people and the fun non-ASCII characters I scrap will really freak other applications out. I needed a quick and dirty way to just screen out non-ASCII code. Enter Regular Expressions. I’ve had a fondness for regexp since I first […]

New AT&T ToS attempts to circumvent free speech

A few years ago I wrote a paper on contract rights constricting federally granted consumer rights (iTunes ToS forbids resale of legally purchased music). Essentially ToS > “first sales doctrine” A new AT&T ToS has gone a step further. In it’s new ToS the telecommunications giant has stated that those who harm their reputation will […]