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Fake Torrents and Trackers 09/2007

For realtime updates check Fenopy Fake Finder:

These torrents and trackers are reported as fake and setup by the MPAA and RIAA or their affiliates. Any network data recorded by them bearing your IP address could lead to legal action. It may be advisable to block all traffic with fake trackers at your network borders.

Beansec! coming soon

If you missed the last Beansec be sure to find your way to Cambridge on the 3rd Wednesday of October

find this and come to BeanSec!

Chilling effects on security research

An interesting old snippet I pulled from my drafts for the sake of a current research project.

Vulnerability research may bring fortune, fame, expensive cars, or lawsuits, jail time, and humorless agents in dark suits.

Granick from the front lines of legal scholars

Schneier weighs in “Interesting essay, and interesting comments. And here’s an article on the essay.…

“Remember, full disclosure is the best tool we have to improve security. It’s an old argument, and I wrote about it way back in 2001. If people can’t report security vulnerabilities, then vendors won’t fix them.

learn chinese

作者: 王维

learn chinese


to return




to bring along


to enter


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Beansec! September 19th

BeanSec! is an informal meetup of information security professionals, researchers and academics in the Greater Boston area that meets the third Wednesday of each month.

I say again, BeanSec! is hosted the third Wednesday of every month. Add it to your calendar.

Come get your grub on. Lots of good people show up. Really.

Unlike other meetings, you will not be expected to pay dues, “join up”, present a zero-day exploit, or defend your dissertation to attend. Map to the Enormous Room in Cambridge.

Enormous Room: 567 Mass Ave, Cambridge 02139. Look for the Elephant on the left door next to the Central Kitchen entrance. Come upstairs. We sit on the left hand side…

Don’t worry about being “late” because most people just show up when they can. 6:30 is a good time to aim for. We’ll try and save you a seat. There is a parking garage across the street and 1 block down or you can try the streets (or take the T)

MediaDefender Fails to Maintain Security

MediaDefender has been having a bad year. First they were found running an entrapment site called Then one of their employees had his work email posted to the Internet. Now it seems they were recorded during a sensitive phone conference with the office of the AG of New York. The latest breach of MediaDefender raises some very serious questions in their role collecting evidence for the state of New York. If evidence is not supposed to be tampered with then how can anyone be certain that MediaDefender’s data integrity can be trusted?

” AT – Here’s the problem, a potential problem, and again, from the law-enforcement-perspective: The intelligence information that you guys are gathering, that’s being sent to our systems and then our evidence-collection-process here, it needs to be able to stand up in court, and in order for us, I think, to do that from a legal standpoint, we have to be able to get on a stand and say that the data that we get from you, is, pristine, it’s validated, it’s verified, there’s no chance that, or there’s a very limited chance that the data that came from you to us, was in any way compromised, edited, modified, or goofed with, so that the information that we get from you, that we rely upon, we can go out and connect to the IP-machine, the IPs and the machines in New York that have the contraband files that we’re pulling down, are all wrapped together in one nice little bundle,

MD – That part has not been compromised in any way, I mean, the communication between our offices in Santa Monica and datacenters in Los Angeles and Alsagundo(?) have not been compromised in any way and all those communications to New York, to your offices, are secured. The only part, that was in any way compromised was the email-communications about these things….”

text from transcript
[update] This transcript was a repost from here . apologies for not giving the proper credit.

Link to Phone Call
Link to Email Spool