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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Fake Torrents and Trackers 09/2007

For realtime updates check Fenopy Fake Finder: These torrents and trackers are reported as fake and setup by the MPAA and RIAA or their affiliates. Any network data recorded by them bearing your IP address could lead to legal action. It may be advisable to block all traffic with fake trackers at your network borders. […]

Beansec! coming soon

If you missed the last Beansec be sure to find your way to Cambridge on the 3rd Wednesday of October

Chilling effects on security research

An interesting old snippet I pulled from my drafts for the sake of a current research project. Vulnerability research may bring fortune, fame, expensive cars, or lawsuits, jail time, and humorless agents in dark suits. Granick from the front lines of legal scholars Schneier weighs in “Interesting essay, and interesting comments. And here’s an article […]

learn chinese

作者: 王维   山中相送罢,日暮掩柴扉。 春草年年绿,王孙归不归。

learn chinese

hui2 to return shou1yin1ji1 radio dai4 to bring along jin4 to enter ban1 to move jian1 M for rooms wu1zi room huan1ying4 to welcome shan1 hill, mountain pian2yi inexpensive zheng2(li3) (in the) city gong1gong4qi4che1 bus fei4 to take a lot shi2jian3 time chu1 to go out dao4shi admittedly so qi2 to sit astride zi1zing2che1 bicycle […]

Beansec! September 19th

BeanSec! is an informal meetup of information security professionals, researchers and academics in the Greater Boston area that meets the third Wednesday of each month. I say again, BeanSec! is hosted the third Wednesday of every month. Add it to your calendar. Come get your grub on. Lots of good people show up. Really. Unlike […]

MediaDefender Fails to Maintain Security

MediaDefender has been having a bad year. First they were found running an entrapment site called Then one of their employees had his work email posted to the Internet. Now it seems they were recorded during a sensitive phone conference with the office of the AG of New York. The latest breach of MediaDefender […]