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山中相送罢 日暮掩柴扉 春草明年绿 王孙归不归

China Net Eyes

The field of journalism is vast, so there is a lot that we can talk about. But usually the third last sentence that we say with a degree of resignation is this: “We can’t publish that. So we won’t discuss that.” 2007年中国博客市场调查报告

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作者: 王维   山中相送罢,日暮掩柴扉。 春草年年绿,王孙归不归。

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hui2 to return shou1yin1ji1 radio dai4 to bring along jin4 to enter ban1 to move jian1 M for rooms wu1zi room huan1ying4 to welcome shan1 hill, mountain pian2yi inexpensive zheng2(li3) (in the) city gong1gong4qi4che1 bus fei4 to take a lot shi2jian3 time chu1 to go out dao4shi admittedly so qi2 to sit astride zi1zing2che1 bicycle […]