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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Why software protection broke my user experience

I use a professional VPN software on my Powerbook called VPN Tracker from equinux. I bought this software because I wanted a streamlined and pushbutton system for dealing with the ISAKMP VPN at work. Normally this software works quite well but because of the aging hardware in my Powerbook I’m suddenly without any access to […]

wget recon technique

I was looking for a novel way to recon a network for webservers and came up with a command line combination involving wget and find. The first stage is to use wget and download the index page of any server that responds. The second stage is to remove all the zero length files that will […]

Lost connection to MySQL server during query

after hours of struggling with some code that writes to a mysql database I finally discovered that I was using old and buggy drivers. If you are on ubuntu and find yourself staring at this error it would be a good idea to install libdbd-mysql-ruby sudo apt-get install libdbd-mysql-ruby

Anti Scientology Videos taken down en masse on Youtube

The other day I received an email about a new Anonymous vs. Scientology dispute on Youtube. The enterbulation forum reported that Tory Christman, a very vocal critic of Scientology, had her Youtube account suspended. This time it looks as though Mark Bunker (wise beard man) has had many of his videos taken down as Terms […]