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Anti Scientology Videos taken down en masse on Youtube

The other day I received an email about a new Anonymous vs. Scientology dispute on Youtube. The enterbulation forum reported that Tory Christman, a very vocal critic of Scientology, had her Youtube account suspended. This time it looks as though Mark Bunker (wise beard man) has had many of his videos taken down as Terms of Service violations. Roughly 90 of his videos appear to be down at this time. You can view these takedowns as we discover them at Youtomb
[disclosure: I am an active team member of the Youtomb project]
[update: the enterbulation forum has also confirmed this account suspension on the same thread on page 21]

I’ve created a CSV of the videos affected here.
Because WordPress won’t let me upload .CSV I have named the file .txt. Rename it to .CSV and use your favorite spreadsheet software to view it.

Given the history of Mark Bunker one has to wonder what Scientology told Youtube in order to have his account shutdown. As one can see from the data collected all the public is told is that there was a Terms of Service violation. we have no idea what those violations might be.

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