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Calculating an ASNs IP Space

I couldn’t think of a good easy way to save a bunch of telnet addresses so I’m just going to blog them. I’m using BGP tables to calculate the theoretical IP space a given ASN has. I parse the table and use the CIDR notation to calculate how big the space can be and then tally each AS Number. It’s a useful metric for an analysis I’m conducting on the infection rate of badware however BGP tables differ from router to router. So I was finally pointed to a “looking glass” page which had a nice collection of public interfaces I could dump from!

BGP Route Servers (telnet access)

  1. RouteViews Project (collection)
  2. ATT Route Server (AS7018)
  3. CerfNet Route Server (AS1838)
  4. Colt Internet Route Server (AS8220)
  5. Exodus Communications USA Route Server (AS3967)
  6. Global Crossing Route Server (AS3549)
  7. Group Telecom Route Server (AS6539)
  8. Hurricane Electric Route Server (AS6939)
  9. Oregon Exchange Route Server (AS3582)
  10. Planet Online Route Server (AS5388)
  11. SAVVIS Communications Route Server (AS3561)
  12. SixXS GRH Route Server (SixXS IPv6 Project)
  13. TELUS Eastern Canada Route Server (AS852)
  14. TELUS Western Canada Route Server (AS852)
  15. Tiscali Route Server (AS3257)

While I’m taking notes for myself, the command to disable paging is:
‘term length 0’
and the command to dump the table is:
‘show ip bgp’

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