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Category Archives: spyware


New trojan email attempt?

I don’t really have time today to look into this but an email made it through spam filters purporting to be an animated “card” from some model on Adult Friend Finder. The file attached as a zip file. I’m sure there is something fun inside and I’m sure it will be infectious. Hope someone else […]

Generative Internet

Applying this framework, the Article explores ways — some of them bound to be unpopular among advocates of an open Internet represented by uncompromising end-to-end neutrality — in which the Internet can be made to satisfy genuine and pressing security concerns while retaining the most important generative aspects of today’s networked technology. Zittrain, Jonathan, “The […]

Sending your IM logs to Tech Support

I ran into an awkward situation the other day while debugging an issue with my PDA synch software. I’m in a unique situation where I have an older Windows Mobile based PDA but I’m using a Powerbook for my main computing needs. The two don’t play so nicely together however certain software vendors like MarkSpace […]

MediaDefender caught in entrapment scheme

MediaDefender is a long time “enforcement” agency of the MPAA. Recently they were caught setting up a fake online video site (think YouTube for pirated movies) and now claim the site was only an internal project and that they were the victims of libel. The site was taken down amid controversial blogging and coverage from […]

Fake Torrents List 5/2007

For realtime updates check Fenopy Fake Finder: These torrents and trackers are reported as fake and setup by the MPAA and RIAA or their affiliates. Any network data recorded by them bearing your IP address could lead to legal action. It may be advisable to block all traffic with fake trackers at your network borders. […]

Great Reading List on Web Exploits

I was reading up on inet-lux and found a great blog post in spanish which provides a must read references list. I ended up here reading about a java based botnet tool I found while researching appeals today. I hope to have more on that later but have not had time to decompile it. Anyone […]

Badware- Jessica Simpson Screensaver

The good folks at have released some interesting new reports about the current crop of spyware. Team Taylor Made’s Jessica Simpson Screensaver does a little more then entertain you while your computer is idle. It disables your AV, redirects your URLs, and even has a stealth dialer to rack up charges to your phone […]