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“Taser Death” blog posts drawing legal fire

TASER International, Inc. (Nasdaq:TASR) has sent a take down notice to Daily Kos for a blog post about the Vancouver killing of an immigrant man using a Taser. Clearly TASER International is upset that people are linking their offerings to deaths however the facts are hard to ignore. Many of the apologists seem to take the line that other medical reasons are the main factors such as drugs in the system however unless police officers are instructed to only use the taser on perfectly healthy suspects I don’t see how this logic can stand. Even then it is improbable Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) can make snap medical assessments before using tasers.
The ability to have these discussions online is extremely important and should not be undermined by corporate spin control. If you have received one of these letters please visit, Chilling Effects for information on how to proceed.

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