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mouseHole: A ruby web proxy

I have been thinking about writing a web proxy for a while. There are several projects that all involve web proxy technology. So tonight while searching for a simple one I found exactly what I’m looking for. mouseHole.

There are a lot of dependencies so be sure to run the following script.

echo "installing ruby and dev libraries"
sudo apt-get install ruby --assume-yes
sudo apt-get install ruby1.8-dev --assume-yes
echo "installing ruby gems"
sudo apt-get install rubygems --assume-yes
echo "installing hpricot gem"
sudo gem install hpricot --include-dependencies
echo "installing camping gem"
sudo gem install camping --include-dependencies
echo "installing activerecord gem"
sudo gem install activerecord --include-dependencies
echo "installing json gem"
sudo gem install json --include-dependencies
echo "installing mongrel gem"
sudo gem install mongrel --include-dependencies
echo "installing sqlite3 and libraries"
sudo apt-get install sqlite3 swig libsqlite3-ruby libsqlite3-dev --assume-yes
echo "installing sqlite3 gem"
sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby --include-dependencies

This is nearly automated however you will need to pick the versions of several of the gems (ruby, win32, jruby, etc). If there was a single piece of functionality I’d like from gem installs is the ability to automate this last bit. i’d like to have an option that says “assume the highest version of ruby” for each of those choices. –assume-highest-ruby-version ?

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