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Google Sued, Settles

My email inbox just informed me that I can be part of a class action lawsuit against what seems to be a slowly evil-ified Google. Let’s see what happend.

Plaintiffs Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles and Max Caulfield d/b/a Caulfield Investigations allege 
that Google breached its contracts with class members, unjustly enriched itself, and engaged in 
a civil conspiracy by failing to adequately detect and stop “click fraud” or other invalid or 
improper clicks on online advertisements.  Google denies plaintiffs’ allegations and contends 
that all payments that it has received from class members for online advertising were legally 
and properly charged, and that it has neither breached its contracts with class members nor 
violated any other law through the actions alleged in the case.  The Court has not made a 
determination whether plaintiffs’ or Google’s contentions are correct. 

Interesting. I need more time to think about the ramifications here. Consider this a Johnny on the spot type report for now. At first I thought this was spam until I noticed that the same message was repeated in over 8 languages. Seemed a little *too* advanced for spam.
The Legal notice has been attached so you can read it.

Updates: I haven’t figured out how to link my uploaded notice to this post. I was glancing at the notice while on break from my econ studies and found this table of my “rights”. I’m a little disturbed at the default action of “Do Nothing” which was my initial inclination. Doing nothing means I’m automatically accepting of this suit and implicitly part of the “class” represented. It means that I am not allowed to engage in litagation with Google going forward with regard to this subject matter.

Do Nothing
You will automatically be eligible to submit a claim form for Google advertising credits and will give up your ability to sue Google over the subject matter of this case.

Exclude Yourself
You will not be able to submit a claim form for Google advertising credits. This is the only option that allows you to bring or participate in another lawsuit against Google about the subject matter of this case.

Write to the Court and parties about why you don’t like the settlement.

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