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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Blue Frog drops out of war

Blue Frog dropped out of the war against spammers citing that “It’s clear to us that [quitting] would be the only thing to prevent a full-scale cyber-war that we just don’t have the authority to start,” Reshef said. “Our users never signed up for this kind of thing.” The article also states that “tens of […]

The first defcons

The first defcons have recently come up for debate. The founder of nCircle thought he was the first winner of the CTF contest. “Moss recalls that another individual won the first two Capture the Flag contests. “It was this guy called A.J. Reznor, who won it in a pretty famous way,” Moss says. “This guy […]


zero:~ zeroy$ ls -lah Desktop total 359320 drwx—— 19 zero zero 646B May 12 11:56 . drwxr-xr-x 68 zero zero 2K May 9 01:48 .. -rw——- 1 zero zero 42K May 12 11:56 .DS_Store -rw-r–r– 1 zero zero 0B Nov 6 2005 .localized -rw——- 1 zero zero 20K Apr 2 21:24 .results_nigeria_wordlist_global.xml.swp -rw-r–r– 1 zero […]

Spam Wars Escalate

Spammers are getting really pissed off at the Blue Frog team for their coordinated distributive complaint system. I’m reposting some of the banter incase they close up the logins that have been floating around. I can’t imagine they are used to having light shed on their operations. From “That Guy” ( a “Respected Member” on […]

Interesting attacks on my web server

Still think that firewall is enough to protect your web server? Port 80 to the rescue! Through a combination of curl, wget and various shell commands this “URL” is a sneaky little rootkit. I haven’t had time to download the executables and rip them apart but something tells me that after all is said and […]

Latest on OS X research

Tom Ferris, noted security researcher, has listed a series of new bugs to come out for OS X. it’s an interesting mixture of bugs which consists of mostly Heap Overflows. This is scary for those who would like to think that their OS X machine is 100% safe from malware. The media doesn’t always help […]