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Spam Wars Escalate

Spammers are getting really pissed off at the Blue Frog team for their coordinated distributive complaint system. I’m reposting some of the banter incase they close up the logins that have been floating around. I can’t imagine they are used to having light shed on their operations.

From “That Guy” ( a “Respected Member” on
Another spammer named “Dollar”( who is a “top rated gumshoe” is offended:

From “That Guy” ( a “Respected Member” on
Finally we have a Blue Frog member who posted to taunt them further.

Yeah, remember who your enemy is alright guys? 

Me. And all the other guys like me. 

Though it really shows what a team you guys are that you start tearing each others heads 
off first chance you get. ROFL. 

We blue froggers have been reading this forum and having a complete blast. This is just 
too fun! Keep it up gents. My spam levels have certainly peaked because of your collective 
hatred, but I want more!! Is that all you got?? Come on. You can hit me with 5 or 10k per 
day cantcha? So sorry, ain't got the juice? 

Can't afford the bandwidth? Come on - hawk that old Hyundai you been driving and buy 
some hardware. Go out and jack some more 486's for your bot net. Scared of a half million 
BF clients pounding on your door? Don't be, you're big and bad and all that. We can clearly 
see that from your endless wise words. 

Just remember: 
-Your sponsors won't get a penny from my kind 
-Your resources and contacts are going up in smoke 
-Every UCE I get is a UCE that didn't go out to a real mark 
-Not one click through - I'm a walking talking black hole baby. 
-Blue Security will get each and every message you send up to your limit to send. 
-They will guide our frogs and we will find your cash pots. 
-And we're never gonna stop. 
-Unless of course you clean your lists. 

Then we'll stop. It's pretty simple really. 

But you wanna fight! You're to proud for list cleaning. Don't give up! You'd rather go out 
in a ball of fire right? That's cool, a mans gotta stick by his guns. 

And you've all got a lot invested in this fight I guess. Me? Well who cares? I'm in it for the 

See, this is just a hobby for us. We don't make money from it. I get my 6 figures the hard 
way - by working for a living. You guys? Come on - don't lie and tell me that your mama's 
proud of you.. (My boys a spam lord, we're so proud. He even has a little Hormel Hat he 
wears.. Gold plated.) 

But you my friends.. We frogs are messing with your ability to pay rent. You spend all your 
time fighting us, when you gonna make enough money to buy blow for all your bitches? 

Keep it up chumps. I don't want this fun to end. And by all means do your verbal best use 
every adjective you can think of against me. I'll still be munchin your spam on toast. 

With tea. 

What, did I make wittle you mad? Can't you tell I'm taunting you? Mad is what I'm trying to 
make you? If you spend all your time flaming on boards like this, when you gonna twiddle 
with your spamware? Oh by all means hunt down my IP number and plan vendetta attacks. 
Show me how bad you are with your reverse lookups. 

Fu-real gents. Get a job. And hopefully you're all re-united against me now. ;) Set asside 
your lovers quarrels and come get me. Come get all of us Frogs. 


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