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2013-04-25 Agenda: Dave Winer, this group’s founder


Yeah, hi, remember us?

Dave Winer, who started this group roughly ten years ago during the spring semester of 2003 while a Berkman Fellow, returns tonight to tell stories and inform us of his latest project. He pointed to a BloggerCon document about rules for that conference as a way of explaining how tonight’s meeting will function.

(It occurred to me that I actually have a meeting to announce in this space. It’s been so long, I almost forgot about it.)


Dave asked for notes, so here goes. There’s something squirrely with my Internet connection and ability to browse the Web (DNS fails), so who knows what I’ll actually be able to do.

A lot of familiar faces are here, as are some new folks.

We’re enjoying reminiscing. We sit around telling stories of our favorite meetings, what drew us to the group, and so forth. We took a break from Memory Lane to complain about the lack of a unified Boston area tech event calendar.

Lisa joked that our group was back in the days when people did on blogs what they do on Facebook now.

We talked about social media and the Boston Marathon bombings and what was happening during the lockdown, if it was actually what it was here what the media was reporting. One fellow who specializes in helping groups work in conflict zones and has worked with journalists in such zones to help them be more neutral said he saw a lot of media inadvertently spreading the conflict and using war zone tactics.

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