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10/21/2004 Meeting Notes

10/21/2004 Meeting notes

These notes are a best effort.

Blog your corrections and commentary.


  • j: j Baumgart
  • SR: Shimon Rura
  • MF: Michael Feldman
  • GR: Gregor Rothfuss
  • Sun
  • RF: Randy Fenstermacher
  • VD: Vernica Downey
  • MS: Meghan Stier

  • Erica
  • AG: Adam Gaffin
  • JA: Josh Ain
  • LW: Lisa Williams
  • BM: Bruce McHenry

JD: Jared Dunn

  • BI: Bill Ives

  • RM: Rebecca MacKinnon, Berkman Fellow
  • DW: David Weinberger
  • Elaine, who saw the ad for the group in the Gazette
  • sj
  • Arvin
  • Sooz
  • RO: Ryan Overbey
  • SG: Steve Garfield
  • JS: John Sequeira
  • PS: Pito Salas
  • JA: Josh Ain
  • JSJ: Scott Johnson
  • AG: Andrew Grumet
  • NP: Nathan Paxton of Nate Knows Nada
  • JD2: James Day
  • SP: Steve Pomeroy
  • RH: Rick Heller –>

    There will be no Webcast.



    • Please note the new IRC channel: #berkmanbloggroup
    • Jack’s Travel Blog
    • Congratulate Wendy and Joey
    • MF: proposes that people get involved with projects as part of the group and carry them out, report on them at each meeting
      • guest speakers, publishing research, blogging courses, getting politicians into blogging, organizing another conference, raising money
      • j: Gregor’s working on inviting a guest speaker, j’s trying to get research published, j, Josh, Shimon, Garrett, and Kris have an upcoming blog course, j, Garrett, Christina Pikas, and Kris have a panel coming up, Lisa’s working on getting politicians into blogging, so the only two we aren’t actively doing is organizing a conference and raising money
      • JA: if I have time and interest, I might get involved in something
      • WK: we have no funding and people have limited time; getting involved in any projects is up to individual people in the group
      • MF: I brought a draft for press credentials; If I could get online, I could share it
      • JA: guest speakers are a good idea
      • SR: we’ve listed potential guests at previous meetings, someone invite one
    • j, Kris, Garrett, and Christina want to run through their panel on blogs and knowledge management on Nov. 4th. How’s that?
      • Yes.
    • Marc Canter and microcontent
      • GR: he would be happy to address us, he founded Micromedia
      • GR set it up for Thursday, November 18th
        • what we need for that date:
          • WK: we have the phone
          • WK: Can someone record MP3s?
          • LW and MF: yes
          • SR: Do we need a mic?
    • Shimon, Josh, Garrett, Kris, and j’s blog talk on October 30th.
      • JA: What interesting uses of blogs can I share with this audience? How can we give them ideas about how to publish within their organization?
      • RF: Air America Radio uses blogs during their shows
      • AG: Knowledge base, like for security problems or virus information
      • LW: We used Blogger to publish behind a firewall in an environment similar to a law office; we would have found tools like to be very useful, especially if we could invite clients into that; we thought LotusNotes might do that, but it didn’t work for that
      • Erica: closed blogging networks are important, event planning
      • LW: Software doesn’t always serve soft industries, like the service industry, very well; free-form tools like blogs can be valuable because they’re so adaptable
    • What about recording meetings as MP3s and posting them later? Does someone have an MP3 recorder we could use for the meetings?
    • LW: AG, can you tell us about Boston Common?

      • AG: I had a root canal that went bad a few years ago and made a list of all the resources in New England in about two hours.
      • uses Drupal and set up a Boston aggregator
      • Compendium, AG’s corporate blog
      • AG: mentioned policies for mistakes and styles in corporate blogs
    • LW: MS, how did you begin blogging?
      • MS: I wrote some things and shared them with friends and they thought I should get into blogging
      • I’ve been blogging for about a year
      • I lived in New York at the time and met a bunch of bloggers
      • MS: got a job through her blog
      • WK: you are the anomaly!
      • LW: you got some stuff through you blog, too
      • WK: not a job
      • LW: just your future husband
      • MS: which is better than a blog
      • MS: writing about fashion for her job, then stopped blogging because she got tired of doing it
      • MF: are you still in the fashion industry?
      • MS: no
      • LW: Isn’t this fashion hell, like Elizabeth Spiers thinks it is?

      • MS: No! I can walk around in my pajamas. It’s great!
      • LW: are you fishing for new interests?
      • MS: I thought I was going to transfer domains already, but I have to wait.
    • LW: Erica: how and why did you start blogging?
      • Erica: about 2 1/2 years ago and I don’t want to say more right now
    • j: We can get a calendar with our Yahoo! Group. I sent Je’ a note asking him to enable the feature so we can feel better about scheduling speakers and whatnot.
      • Did you realize our list has about 88 people on it?
    • What else?
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