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07/08/2004 Meeting Notes

2004/07/08 Meeting notes

These notes are a best effort.

Blog your corrections and commentary.


  • WK: Wendy Koslow
  • j: j Baumgart
  • Sooz
  • JS: John Stafford
  • Sun
  • VD: Vernica Downey
  • RM: Rebecca MacKinnon
  • ES: Elin Sjursen
  • RH: Rick Heller
  • MF: Michael Feldman
  • SR: Shimon Rura
  • JD: Jared Dunn

BS: Bob Stepno

  • LW: Lisa Williams
  • JA: Josh Ain
  • MD: Mark David
  • MD: Madhu Dahiya
  • BI: Bill Ives
  • SP: Steve Pomeroy
  • Al
  • BI: Bill Ives –>

    There will be no Webcast.

    Proposed Agenda


    • Our home at Berkman
    • Moderators
    • Webcasting
      • license
        • The license for RealServer costs $200.
        • SR suggested using different software.
      • microphone
        • We also need an omnidirectional mic, like the one Dave Winer bought and took with him when he left.
        • j thinks it might have been a Sony ECM-R100
    • Getting involved with other groups
    • Guest speakers
    • Does our group have an official name?
    • Marketing
      • within Harvard
      • without Harvard
        • Orkut
        • Meetup
        • Blogging about the group
        • Friendster
      • more intro and howto sessions
        • MF reminded us about the curriculum he and some other developed and that the hang up is finding a room to do lessons
    • More fun activities
      • cookout!!!!
      • The Neighborhood in Union Square, Somerville, for Portuguese and American fare
      • dim sum in Newton
      • dim sum the first weekend of August
      • Mendon Drive-In
    • Moving the meeting day
      • HELL NO!!!!
    • More people contributing to the Thursday Meetings blog
    • The lists
      • JM is going to see about the lists
    • Getting people on Berkman’s network
      • MF suggested sending a list of the required information of all the regulars to Jesse Ross to try to get people on the network
    • A new official shirt to replace the “I *heart* RSS” shirts
    • RH got DNC credentials! So did RM! So did MF, freshly back from Ecuador!
      • Should we do something to welcome bloggers from out of town?
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