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09/15/2005 Meeting Notes

These notes are a best effort. Blog your corrections and commentary.


AH: Ann House
MW: Mal Watlington
BS: Brett Stilwell
BW: Bill
LW: Lisa Williams
SR: Shimon Rura
EG: Erica George
JG: Joe Green from The Facebook
RF: Randy Fenstermacher

  • Introductions
  • RSS Remixing? — nope, not tonight
  • Questions/comments from new bloggers
  • Recap: Combining our group with the Boston Weblogger Meetup Group once a month
  • Berkman Open House on Wednesday, 9/21
    • EG’s going to represent the group
    • If anyone is free, come to Berkman
    • Learn about Berkman’s other projects

  • Bill Ives at Berkman’s Luncheon Series on Tuesday, 9/27

    • RSVP to EG between 9/21 and 9/23
    • not available on the Web yet
  • Outreach to tech folks in town for Wendy’s wedding next week
    • We don’t know exactly who’ll be coming, but there are some big names.

  • Dim sum on Sunday the 25th, 1 pm, Chau Chow City, 83 Essex Street, Chinatown, Boston

    • j will send something to the list.

  • What to tell librarians about feeds

  • j submitted an updated listing to the Harvard University Gazette
  • It’s probably even more inevitable that we’ll talk about the schedule again… AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS! (-sr)
    • j sincerely hopes this is the last talk about the schedule for the foreseeable future.
    • LW has not done anything w/ the schedule she proposed
    • SR proposed that LW, EG, and j be involved in scheduling
    • j pointed out that this is how scheduling has been happening
    • j feels very frustrated that everyone seems to be in favor of having guest speakers, but people are unwilling to help coordinate their appearances.
    • RF suggested we get some environmental librarian to come talk to the group.
    • JA reports that the majority of the survey respondents want at least one free meeting each month.
    • Several people in the group have also requested having free time each meeting in case of anything special coming up. We will try to honor both requests.
  • JG: showed a little bit about what he works on
  • the mic – we need to buy a new one
    • LW: I probably have another mic at home
    • RF: I have an MP3 recorder, too.
  • LW: I need to share some cool tools. What do you like?
  • What else?
  • Eat:
    • Last week: Yenching!
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