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08/26/2004 Meeting Notes

2004/08/26 Meeting notes

These notes are a best effort.

Blog your corrections and commentary.


  • WK: Wendy Koslow
  • j: j Baumgart
  • Sun
  • BI: Bill Ives

  • SR: Shimon Rura
  • LW: Lisa Williams
  • AG: Andrew Grumet
  • MF: Michael Feldman
  • GR: Gregor Rothfuss
  • NP: Nathan Paxton of Nate Knows Nada
  • MF: Michael Feldman
  • RF: Randy Fenstermacher

DW: David Weinberger, Berkman Fellow

  • JD: Jared Dunn
  • WA: Warren Agin, a bankruptcy lawyer and new Frassler
  • RM: Rebecca MacKinnon, Berkman Fellow
  • JD2: James Day
  • SP: Steve Pomeroy
  • RH: Rick Heller
  • RM: Rebecca MacKinnon –>

    There will be no Webcast.



    • Recap of the blog meetup last week
      • LW: it was fun, met people who don’t come to these meetings, but it was difficult because we couldn’t hear everyone at the meeting
    • Lisa’s interest in getting political candidates blogging
      • (Note: the link goes to a Yahoo! Group message that may require a login.)
      • There’s a potential Congressional race for a spot representing some of the suburbs of Boston. LW thinks getting the politicians blogging could be a good thing and wants us to help them.
      • LW: They’ll have to get their own blogs established, not blog on Harvard’s server.
      • BI: What would our role be in this?
      • LW: providing tech support, helping them get going
      • LW: outlined three issues: authenticity, naming, and examples

        • how authentic is it if the candidate doesn’t write his own blog?
        • MF: are we doing the right thing giving them blogs? They’re small candidates, small office, will they have the time?
        • A politician will blog when a blogger gets in office.
          • LW: Lis Riba, a blogger, was considering running.
        • BI: Roland Tanglao was involved in something like that or the company he works for does
        • LW: “We should look for candidate blogs written by real people. I know of at least 5, but they aren’t local: Missouri, Illinois, Oregon or Washington, California … They’re out there, we just need to find them.”

        • MF: let’s use LW’s form letter
        • LW: can we name our group something for the letter that doesn’t offend the Berkman Center?
          • LW can’t call it a Berkman Center project for a number of reasons, but we can say it’s a project of bloggers affiliated with the center.

        • MF: let’s get them a blog on Harvard’s server
    • Update on the blog server
      • WK: Berkman has hired a Userland guy to work on the server
      • Berkman is working on offering an alternative platform that they will also host
        • Frassle is one of the platforms they’re considering offering. WK didn’t name any others.
      • Berkman will not shut the server down
      • Is it possible to get at least one of the server administrators to come to a future meeting?
        • (Note: the link goes to a Yahoo! Group message that may require a login.)
        • Wendy has a pretty decent update; if after that we still want a sysadmin to come, we can work on that
    • Harvard blogs’ aggregators should now be able to handle Atom feeds
    • Locking the managing editor out of the blog
      • Apparently, if you delete all of the e-mail addresses in the managing editor’s box in the preferences on a Harvard Manila blog, the blog can lose all of its managing editors. There is no mechanism to prevent someone from being locked out of a blog. Please be careful!
    • MF: Purpose of the group
      • j: Do we need a real purpose other than just meeting?
      • MF: Yes. Proselytize blogging (like teach new bloggers, support development of new projects), conferences, research, and social stuff.
      • SR: We need momentum, but not anything official, like officers
      • SR: We need a better blog or site that explains what the group does
    • LW: We need to have special guests at each meeting
      • Someone suggested bugging former bloggers, group members to come back
      • WK: This week, it’s Nathan of Nate Knows Nada
      • LW: really wants guest speakers
    • Sun: we need a name for our group
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