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Possible Goodbye


I didn’t get notified that this blog is one of the ones not getting ported to Harvard’s new blog system, yet I can’t imagine it is. It is quite possible it won’t exist past Friday, August 10. Sayonara!

Reminder: Server Upgrade Monday; Posting & Commenting Unavailable between noon and 5 pm


The upgrade fairy visits on Monday, June 25, between noon and 5 pm.

“On Monday, June 25th, the Berkman Center will perform the long-awaited upgrade to Weblogs at Harvard Law ( In order to make this major change, we will disable posting and commenting on all blogs for approximately 5 hours, beginning at noon.”


*stuffs weblog under pillow and waits patiently*

Thursday Meetings at Berkman Blog Migrates to WordPress


The Thursday Meetings at Berkman Blog has migrated to the Harvard WordPress server because of the recent nastiness leading to the Manila server’s demise.

The weblog has a new URL:

The new feed URLs are:

The New Home of the Thursday Meetings at Berkman Blog


This weblog is the new home of the Thursday Meetings at Berkman Blog, the former Manila blog used by the blog and social technology group that meets at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, 23 Everett Street, Cambridge, on Thursday nights at 7 pm.

The former address of the group’s weblog is Please note the new directory name of this weblog:

The new feed URLs are: for posts and for comments.

Attendees’ Weblogs and Web Sites


This weblog now has a list of weblogs and Web sites for active group members. Additions, deletions, and changes should be sent to j.

Attendees’ Weblogs and Web Sites …

Press Access to the Meetings


Wendy and I had a brief conversation about press access to our meetings and came up with some very easy instructions for members of the media to follow when they’d like to cover one of our meetings.

Basically, we’d like to know in advance so we can inform the group and make any necessary arrangements, like with campus public relations folks, if needed. Members of the media should contact Wendy, Erica, and/or j.

Press Access to the Meetings …

Please watch this space.


Hi everyone – if the weather is extremely bad tomorrow (it is supposed to basically throw ice at us), I will cancel the meeting. I’ll post to this space as well as the yahoogroup. I’ll decide by early afternoon.

Hope for sun? 🙂

Posted by Wendy

Calendar for our Group


At last night’s meeting, we discussed using a calendar to coordinate scheduling guest speakers and other activities for our group. Jay McCarthy enabled this feature for our Yahoo! Group. (Thanks, Jay!) It is open to members of the Yahoo! Group.

I already added our weekly meetings and the upcoming blogs and knowledge management presentation on Nov. 4 and Marc Canter’s session on Nov. 18.

As far as I can tell, however, the calendar doesn’t offer the feature to edit a repeating event on a particular date, like you can do with Yahoo!’s calendar for individuals. Right now there are additional notes on those Thursdays with speakers and the two upcoming Thursdays we won’t meet (Veterans Day (Nov. 11) and Thanksgiving (Nov. 25)). If how it displays in the calendar confuses you, let me know. If enough people find it horribly confusing, maybe I’ll try to find another way to list our meetings.

I chose not to enable e-mail reminders for our meetings. And, no, it doesn’t look like the calendar has a feed.

Calendar for our Group …

Meeting for 10/7 Moved to Bombay Club


Due to a conflict in conference room reservations, the Thursday night meeting for October 7th will be held at the Bombay Club. The restaurant is located near the corner of JFK and Eliot Streets in Harvard Square. Commenting as RSVP would be lovely.

Please meet by 7:15 at the latest so we can get an appropriate-size table; I will leave a note on the door at Berkman for those who do not check this blog or read the Yahoogroup emails.

Hope to see you there.

Posted by Wendy

RSS Feed for the Berkman-Thursday Yahoo! Group


If you aren’t on the Yahoo! Group list, Berkman-Thursday, for the Berkman Thursday Meetings, perhaps you can still subscribe to the RSS feed for the group. It gives the first few words of the e-mail and the name of the sender. The group’s archives are public, though, so it is possible to read messages there.

If you blog on Harvard’s server, you should be able to find the feed listed in the subscription list.

RSS Feed for the Berkman-Thursday Yahoo! Group …

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