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01/29/2004 Meeting Notes

Posted by j, 1/29/04 at 11:47:56 PM.

Weblog Writer's Meeting on 2004/01/29

  • Disclaimer
    • These notes are a best effort. I didn’t realize until after the meeting began
      that no one was taking notes, so I did it.
    • Blog your corrections and commentary or email j
  • Webcast Details
    • This was webcast
    • And recorded for later on RealMedia (possibly MP3 as well)
    • Chat back on #bloggercon!!
      • SP will be speaking for IRCers
  • Attendees
    • CJ: Critt Jarvis
    • SN: Sun
    • DW: Dave Winer
    • JB: Jessica Baumgart
    • SP: Steve Pomeroy
    • SR: Shimon Rura
    • GE: Garrett Eastman
    • BS: Bob Stepno
    • MF: Michael Feldman
    • MC: Mary Chitty
    • MW: Mike Walsh
    • JH: Jack Hodgson
    • JiM: Jim Moore
    • First Time
      • JA: Josh Ain, a friend of Shimon’s
      • S: Sarah
  • Past Attendants
    • Single
      • S: Stephen
      • R: Renee
      • PS: Pito Salas
      • BA: Bob Atkinson
      • DO: Dermot O'Rourke, from IAP
      • FT: Fons Tuinstra
        • From Shanghai
        • CBIZ.CN
      • AS: Aaron Swartz
    • SJ: Scott Johnson
    • SZ: Sooz
    • WK: Wendy Koslow
    • RO: Ryan Overbey
    • VN: Vernica
    • MM: Matt May
    • LW: Lisa Williams
    • GR: Gregor Rothfuss
    • CB: Carl Blesius
    • LM: Larry Mils
    • JH: Jeffrey Henning
    • JM: Jay McCarthy
    • TA: Tracy Adams
    • SK: Sam Klein
  • Proposed Agenda
  • Topics
    • Introductions
      • Josh Ain, a friend of Shimon’s
      • Sarah
        • is interested in learning more about blogging
        • DW gives her a general overview and a demo
    • sgarrity from IRC: how can aggregators use categories?
    • Shimon showed off his new blog.
      • Shimon’s categories are very impressive. He has a file folder structure to his categories. The numbers indicate how many feeds are in a folder. It has an aggregator component that sucks feeds into categories if someone’s blog uses RSS feeds. His software is figuring out correlations between other people’s categories and his categories, so it routes them appropriately. For example, the category RSS Feeds on j’s scratchpad correlates to Shimon’s Blogging category.
      • Shimon says that not anyone, not even Jay McCarthy, is going to be able to categorize the entire Internet, so we may as well coordinate efforts.
      • 3 ways it does categories: RSS feed category; Dublin Core; and e ???
      • GE: Import OPML?
        • not yet but it’s on the list — SR’s focusing on linking categories now.
      • SR admits there’s a bad interface for subscriptions, which he will improve at some point
      • MF: asked about searching for feeds based on categories
    • Dave asks Jack what we should do with the meetings
      • talk about aggregators
      • involve people tuned in through the IRC channel & the Webcast more
    • Takeaways on the weblogs and presidential politics
    • Dave wants to do a quick conference on Sunday about the politics stuff post New Hampshire
      • MF: protests the date because of Super Bowl Sunday
      • JB: already said she couldn’t be there because of the previously planned outing to Grasshopper
      • Dave asks JiM, who just walked in, what’s happening
        • JiM does Web stuff for Dean (still)
        • JiM says it’s like being a submarine where lots of people are doing computer stuff
        • spin
        • there’s a big discussion about the Dean campaign and the Internet and stuff
      • After a much longer discussion about the campaign, someone finally got back to the
        question about whether to have the conference on Sunday. I don’t think anyone ever gave a definitive

      • Addendum 1/30: Dave wrote to the mailing list to say that the Sunday conference is off.
    • Some bloggers are meeting for lunch on Sunday at 1 pm at the Grasshopper in Allston.
      A group is meeting at 12:30 pm near the token booths in the main terminal of the Harvard
      Square station to take the 66 bus over. The bus leaves the square at about 12:40 pm.

    • Next Week’s Topics
      • Michael Feldman may demonstrate his blogging technique next week.
  • Jack Hodgson also posted notes.
  • Shimon wrote about doing his demo
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