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01/12/2006 Meeting Notes

Posted by Erica, 1/12/06 at 6:48:49 PM.

Please note that all live notes are taken by attendees, and are permanently editable by all blog group members. In note-taking by multiple parties during a running event mistakes of both content and attribution are highly likely. Live Notes are not a reliable source of quotable material. When possible we attempt to return to the live notes and edit them to greater accuracy, but this is not a guarantee.

These notes are a best effort. Blog your corrections and commentary.


  • NW: Nathan Woodhull
  • JD: Jared Dunn
  • EG: Erica George


  • Introductions
  • Let’s recharge and get some exciting stuff on our schedule for Spring. We’ve had some fantastic ideas, but we need volunteers from the group to shepherd individual potential speakers, with Erica and j coordinating on dates.
    • We didn’t talk about our schedule last week because we had such a small turnout.
    • We need a new name. we’re not just about blogs. Social web?
  • Pick a restaurant for next week for the Boston Weblogger Meetup. They’ve asked us to select the restaurant ahead of time so they can publicize it within their group.
    • Chosen:
  • Dan Gillmor at Berkman’s lunch on Tuesday (1/17) at 12:30 pm
    • The lunch is full, but the Webcast ( and IRC channel ( / berkman) aren’t.
  • Bill Ives speaks to the Special Libraries Association Boston Chapter, Tuesday, January 31, 9 am
  • Fun in January:
    • dim sum – when?
    • ice skating – when? (HLS even has a free ice rink, if folks have or can independently rent skates)
    • MIT Mystery Hunt – MLK weekend, ask j or SJ for more info
    • MIT Independent Activities Period (IAP) events
    • Cyberlaw/Winter Camp Events:
      • Brendan Greeley on podcasting
        • This talk was postponed last week. It’s not happening this week but if it happens next week, the meeting could wrap-up early so people can go.
  • Eat:
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