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Upcoming Topics on our Schedule

Upcoming Topics on our Schedule

The topics and dates listed below are confirmed for future meetings of the Thursday blog group. Not every week will have a set topic, and topics for future weeks are subject to addition and change. Changes will be noted here. If you’d like to see something discussed, have a suggestion for a speaker, or would like to visit the blog group and talk with us about a project of your own, please make a suggestion at a Thursday meeting, or make a post to the group discussion list.

Perhaps soon:

  • Dan Bricklin, known for his work on VisiCalc and wikiCalc
  • (launched, with Berkman-affiliated staff including the blog group’s former fearless leader, Wendy Koslow)

    Future possibilities:
    (If one of these strikes you as awesome, consider volunteering to help shepherd the topic from dream to reality!)

    • Scott Johnson and Ookles
    • Lots of Berkman folks are involved in the Internet filtering and China stuff that’s been in the news recently. What will it take to get someone to talk to us about it?
    • Get Rebecca & Ethan to take us on a deeper tour of Global Voices, its impact on social movements, social movements online in general
    • Steven Berlin Johnson can tell us that pop-cultural things we thought were bad for us really aren’t, and we can be happy about gorging on actually!smart!TV
    • Eyebeam (Jonah Perretti, et al)
    • Convergence Culture & the MIT Comparative Media Studies folks
    • Tim Jarrett: online traffic–what the difference is between a visit and a page view, how do you get those wonderful stats, what does “no referrer” really mean.
    • Rescheduling the why Blog / Blogging 101 video show
    • Dan Kennedy
    • Wade Rousch: Continuous partial attention (one article)
    • RSS remixing
    • Outer Limits: What not to blog
    • Ivan Askwith on celebrity blogs
    • Cameron Marlow no longer lives in Boston. Perhaps we can get him to do a remote presentaion on his doctoral research on blogs.
    • Blogging from jail, disasters
    • Blogging communities on Livejournal
    • Political blogging in the off season
    • vlogging stuff, aggregators
    • Boston IndyMedia (which means we should let the Wikinews folks talk to counter)
    • Anonymous Lawyer (Jeremy Blachman, HLS alum)
    • RSS4Lib guy Ken Varnum, who’s at Tufts, on RSS for libraries

    Past Schedule – 2006:

    • 4/20/06: Hopefully, Amanda can round up some people from the Webmasters conference in Boston. (Thanks, Amanda!)
    • 4/6/06: Andy Carvin, bandwidth waster, international traveler, blogger, sharer of fabulous tails and tales, who does really important things, will tell us about his new book, available as a pdf or for free from this link.
    • 2/23/06: Critt Jarvis: “So you’re a citizen journalist? Prove it!” Or, How I practice citizen journalism on Newsvine.
    • 2/2/06: Holmes Wilson of Participatory Culture Foundation, on their DTV project. [The Participatory Culture Foundation is building software and web tools to create an independent, creative, engaging, and meritocratic TV system for millions of people around the world.] (Thanks to Nathan Woodhull for coordinating!)
    • 1/26/06: HLS Assistant Dean for Admissions Toby Stock on the J.D. Admissions Blog

    Past Schedule – 2005:

    • May 19: Livejournal: Not Just For Teenaged Girls Anymore (Josh Ain)
    • May 26: Tagging is Fabulous! It’s Also Crap! (Shimon Rura)
    • June 2: Why Do You Blog?/Blogging 101 Film Festival (Michael Feldman) – POSTPONED, Reschedule date TBA
    • June 9: Blogging As Performance Art (Group trip to the ICA!)
    • June 16: Special guest, TBA (Urs Gasser of Berkman)
    • June 23: Wiki Wonderland (Sam Klein) PLUS iLaw-related bloggers’ tutorial with Rebecca MacKinnon.
    • June 30: Foodblogs (Bill Ives)
    • July 7: Boston Area Nonprofit Bloggers (Beth Kanter, Ben DiMaggio, Brian Reich & Deborah Elizabeth Finn)
    • July 14: SCHEDULE CHANGE: Dave Winer, Blog Group founder and former Berkman fellow, visits Berkman, topic: “OPML, podcasting, and any thing else people want to talk about”
    • July 21: Podcasting, Gigadial, and Satellite Radio (CC Chapman & Andrew Grumet)
    • July 28: TENTATIVE RESCHEDULE: How To Have A Nice Little Traffic Jam: Understanding How Search Engines Read Your Blog (Amanda Watlington)
    • Aug. 4: Report-back from those of us attending BlogHer (7/30 in California)
    • Aug. 11: Marketing the group and Harvard’s blog server to incoming students
    • Aug. 18: Wendy’s sendoff!!! (Farewell!)
    • September meetings (To be listed)
    • 10/6: How To Have A Nice Little Traffic Jam: Understanding How Search Engines Read Your Blog by Amanda Watlington
    • 10/13: 2 cancelled guests –> informal dinner instead
    • 10/27: Something wiki this way comes with the Wikipedia Meetup folks.
    • 11/3: Manila session
    • 11/10: reddit, a community news site
      • after blog group at 8: Annalee Newitz of EFF on Girl Geeks and feminist tech culture
    • 11/17: 2nd Third Thursday joint meeting with the Boston Weblogger Meetup Group
      • Do we want to add more structure to the official “free-form” meeting for next month?
    • 11/24: Vegetarian Indian food at India Palace (heh.)
    • 12/1: Berkman’s Luis Villa on H2O, Berkman’s educational software
    • 12/8: Garrett and j on something blogish and librarianish
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